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About Us

My husband and I created No Judgement to be a space where you don’t have to feel out of place. I would always feel insecure at the gym, never sure if I’m using this machine right, it felt like a chore going and I never enjoyed the workout. Even at some Reformer Pilates studios I was participating in, I still felt self-conscious, I didn’t like the environments I was in.
My husband and I decided 2023 would be the year we did something about it. We renovated our garage and turned it, into No Judgement- Reformer Pilates.

We created the space I’ve always wanted, channelling my pink vibe. Pink is a strong colour, it symbolises love, as loving oneself. It represents, friendships, harmony, approachability, nurturing and inner peace. With Pink also being a sign of Good Health. That tied up in a perfect pink bow, how else would I want my space to be?

Why “No Judgement”? There really is no judging in the studio, it’s not like it’s a rule, it’s just something that doesn’t happen. There’s no judging to be done, we all must start somewhere and it’s an achievement starting something new.
Every class we do, we offer challenges, and you choose if todays the day you’re ready to try something new. Every client puts themselves out there and they try a new challenge, you will never be the only one trying something new and we will always embrace you for trying.

Since being opened, I have made connections with my clients, the other instructors would agree they have done so as well. We are a small studio of 6 Reformers, we make it personal, we make it fun, we make it burn. Overall, we love our jobs, and we love our clients and some days they don’t love us because of said “burn”.

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If you’re after a 45 minute break from your reality, to turn your brain off and enjoy a great full body workout that improves your flexibility, strength, co-ordination and balance we have the classes for you, try our intro offer, 3 classes for only $30.

If you love it, then we have a number of memberships options with no lock in contracts, no sneaky sign up fees and you can cancel at any time!


Our Reformer Pilates classes are designed to challenge and energize you while building strength, flexibility, and balance.

Our Mission - To Help

Reformer Pilates is an amazing way to exercise, the benefits of Reformer for your body, doesn’t compare to any other method of training. Overtime, you will notice improvements on your body, the pain you had in your Knee has gotten better. The tightness in your neck that causes those headaches is fading. You now wake up in the morning and don’t have that busting urge to go to the toilet.
We tighten your pelvic floor, we build strength in your muscles around your knees, we target your back muscles to active in your body to take the load instead of your neck muscles trying to take the weight.
We want to help take the pain away, over time we just might be able to do that for you.
In the first 6 months of myself taking regular classes, the above has happened to me, my knee pain is gone, my neck isn’t sore anymore and my bladder doesn’t want to explode in the morning anymore.

I know I’m not the only one with these pains, but I now know how to help you with them.



Benefits of our classes 


Where to begin, we Tone, Build, Increase, Create and Improve
Let’s break it down

Toning: Reformer Pilates provides a full-body workout that tones your muscles. Toning, tightens up the muscles, giving them the shape from the outside. Essentially you can see the outline of your muscles.

Builds strength: We target the major muscle groups of your body building up strength. We are weight loaded with resistance springs, building strength by control. The more controlled you are and sometimes the slower you go, the more burn you will feel in your muscles and that burn is what is helping build strength.

Increases flexibility: Reformer Pilates is known to improve flexibility and joint mobility. Your range of mobility is limited when you test your own range, but once you have support, your range can increase up to 30% more. You have this extra support with the reformer. The support from the straps and the carriage keeps you in complete control and allows you to increase your range at your own comfort.

Creates Strong Stabilisers: Muscle Stabilisers are an important factor in our balance. With each movement we do that requires us to stay up, we have a muscle group that engages and strengthens. That muscle group might not even be the focus of your exercise but it’s still burning those muscle fibres which overall strengthens our stability which improves our balance.

Improves posture: Creating a strong core is necessary to improve your posture. Whilst also building strength in our back muscles, this will allow our shoulder and neck muscles to be drawn back down into their rightful places, which then helps it realigns the body, it realigns the spine and can result in tremendous improvements in postural alignment.

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