Frequently Asked

What to bring

Grip Socks, Water bottle, either Hand Towel for Sweat or Larger towel for Reformer

What to wear

Activewear you can easily and safely move around in. We get you in a lot of different positions and we want you to be comfortable in your choice of clothing.

Grip Socks

Grip socks aid in the prevention of slips and falls during exercises. whilst offering hygiene protection.
You will feel more secure in your movements knowing you aren’t going to slide away.

Can’t find grip socks, no to worry we sell them in the studio, all for $20 cash. We aren’t equipped with eft machines so all transactions are in cash.

When to arrive

5 minutes before starting time. Especially if it is your first time, so our Instructors can give you a run-down of the Reformer.

Where to park

Parking bays are available on premises. You are always welcome to park in the driveway if spaces are free. If parks are already full, 6 car bays are available on Palomino Pde.

Where are you located

Our address is 20 Palomino Pde. However, the studio door is located on Andalusian Loop.


We have a toilet and a separate wash area for your use at any time.

Cancellation notice

We understand that you can’t always make it to your class. Which is we only have a 2-hour cancellation notice. If you know before the 2-hour mark that you can’t make your classes, please jump onto your booking and reschedule your class to another day. If you missed the 2-hour cut-off, then unfortunately you have forfeited the class. We always appreciate the class still being cancelled off so we are aware you won’t make it. Of course, we do understand why you might not be able to.

I can't make it to my classes, but I don't want to lose them

If you cancel your class 2hours prior to the class start time you won’t miss out. Once you cancel your class, it will be credited and you’ll be able to reschedule for another day.

Membership agreements
  • No lock-in contracts or sneaky sign-up fees!
  • Memberships are all on a 12-month basis, but you cancel at any time.
Holds on memberships
  • We can put a hold on your membership, we just need it in writing. If you can email us on with your full name and contact number and the details of the hold on your membership, we can organise this for you.
  • We do need to have 2 days’ notice before your next direct debit.
Can I bring my kid along?

Classes are for 18yrs and over but with parental consent we do accept children from 16years above.

For our Mums and Bubs classes Bubs need to be under 8months old or still non mobile.

  • We love a good Bronze beauty, but it does mark our ivory machines, please bring a bath-size towel to your class to protect our Reformers.
  • If you draw on your hand throughout the day for work, can we please try to remove the ink from your hands as best as possible, the ink stains the Reformers very easily.
Cancelling membership
  • You can cancel at any time. We just require 2 days’ notice before your next direct debit. Please email us at with your full name, contact number and we’ll get your membership cancelled for you.
  • If your payment has just come out and you wish to cancel your membership, we will cancel your direct debits and you won’t pay for anymore classes. As you have already paid for classes you’ll still be able to take part in them as long as you’ve got them booked in.
  • We require at least a 2-day notice before your next direct debit, this will allow us time to log onto the software and cancel your payments.
  • If your payment has just come out and you wish to cancel your next direct debit, we will cancel your payments and you can still take part in your classes you’ve paid for.
Am I fit enough for Reformer Pilates?
  • Yes, and once you try it, you’ll love it.
  • Our clients range from ages 16 to 72 with varying components that could challenge them: injuries, weight, pregnancy, postpartum, etc. In every class we’ve instructed, they have been able to successfully complete a Reformer Pilates class. Once you complete your first class with us, you will feel empowered, stronger than you thought and might even feel a bit more flexible. You’ll never know unless you try and what better place to try than with us at No Judgement.